Why did I date you?

You have to respect for your friends feelings.
You hate country music.
You don’t like dogs
Or horses
You have no respect for me
You lie
You cheat
You’re just kind of a dick
You never put me first
Or second
Not even third
You thought only about yourself. Ever.
You never cared.

So why did I date you again? You aren’t even attractive…

8 Things You Didn't Know About Disney World Rides



Space Mountain

Opened in 1975, Space Mountain is still one of most popular rides at Disney World.

Out of this world facts:

  • The first riders were actual astronauts Gordon Cooper, Jim Irwin, and Scott Carpenter.
  • Each passenger car holds six riders.
  • The ride only reaches a peak of 28 mph but feels faster due to the complete darkness.

Splash Mountain

Space mountain’s cousin is the thrilling Splash Mountain. The water ride uses classic Disney methods likecomplete blackness and amazing scenery.

If you enjoy the scenery, characters and songs from Splash Mountain then take them in as much as you can. The 40 mph ride features songs and characters from 'Song of the South,' a movie that will likely never get a DVD or Blu Ray release.

The animated/live action mix is known for it’s racial content and songs that have sparked controversy for years.

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